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Thanks for reaching out in reference to a partnership on our HBCU Boxes!

We Love Collaborations!

Here's how it works.....

Our Customized Boxes are $10 each plus shipping 

We have 2 options:

Option #1: 

You can purchase them and we will come to the campus and pass them out.

NOTE: We can drive to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, etc.  and New Orleans, if our schedule permits.

Currently we are booked for Fall 2023 so it will have to be Spring 2023.

Also, the boxes can be mailed but you will have to cover the shipping.

Option #2: 

We can create a fundraiser page to raise $1000, that's 100 boxes.  

Once we have reached the goal then we can set a date to come out or the boxes can be mailed.

We will need your help with the fundraising.

Other Option: 

We're always open to suggestions and ideas!

If our schedules allows we would love to come out to campus, 

set up a table and pass them out directly to the students! 

We prefer an order of at least 100 but we can do orders as low as 50

We will design the box and email you for approval

The JCS Project is a 501c3 Organization 

Your order/donation is tax deductible #47-3347117

Check out a few boxes we have made

NOTE: We always get the permission of the student to use their pictures. Most of the Students featured are students that we know personally.

On the left side of the box it will say:

In Collaboration With... Your Name, Origination, Business and/or Chapter is listed here

Also, let of know of a few phrases to add to make it personal

What's Included In The Boxes?

SNACKS: Ramen Noodles, Kool-Aid Jammers, Rice Krispies Treats, Cereal, Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, Mini Cookies, 2-Pack Cookies

Let's Customize It!

Boxes will include HBCU Buttons in your campus colors!

We also include Stickers of your School Logo

Customized Handwritten Words of Encouragement Cards!

You can choose what two pictures you would like to feature!

NOTE: We always get the permission of the student to use their picture(s).  Students featured are students that we know personally.

Is There A Whataburger Near You?

Whataburger is a Corporate Partner of JCS!

Boxes will include a Meal Voucher  and Lanyard

Check out a few more boxes we're created!


-Our turnaround time is normally 1 month for the Houston Area

To be on the safe side please allow 1 month and a week plus shipping time

-The cost of shipping is $35 per box of 30 boxes

-Payment for your partnership is due upfront due to everything is customized to fit the College/University

Once you are ready to move forward we will email you a invoice or link to start fundraiser

NOTE: There is no refund due to everything is customized

The JCS Project is a 501c3 Organization and your order/donation is tax deductible (47-3347117)

-We will send/post pictures and videos throughout the process 

Post on all social media outlets and our website

Hashtag #jcs(nameofyourschool)

Thanks For Your Partnership With JCS!

We Look Forward To Hearing From YOU!!!

First and Last Name*

Email Address*


Name of College/university*

How many boxes are needed? *


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