We are Excited to announce The JCS Project has been featured on

Whataburger's Website as a HOMETOWN HERO!!! 

Donations To The JCS Project

Thanks so much for your continued SUPPORT of The JCS Project and our mission to encourage students 

to not only go to college but to finish.  

Your  "INVESTMENT" allows us to do so much for our youth.  

Our 2019 Goal is to Make A Difference, One College Student at a time!

The JCS Donation Drive

Saturday, July 19th

8AM until 11AM

Greenspoint Area

340 N. Sam Houston Parkway E.

Suite A110U

Houston, TX 77060

If you can not make it will can also pick up items! 

What Items Are Needed?

The JCS Project focuses on our Snack Bags.

This year the goal is to give each student

5 days worth.

What's included in your Bag:

-6 Boxes of Cereal

-6 Ramen Noodles

-5 Kool Aid Jammers

-5 Rice Krispies Treats

-4 Granola Bar

-4 Fruit Snacks

-Resource Guide

-Words of Encouragement

and most importantly LOVE!

"This FREE College Care Package is the equivalent of a student leaving the library to go and get something to eat vs. staying in the library and grabbing a snack out of their box"!

J. Albert Nicklos - My Degree Is Black

All of this for only $50!

Invest in purchasing the items needed to make 150 FREE College Care Packages complete with a weeks worth of snacks! 

All this for $50

I would like to donate $148

Your donation of $148 will allow us to make 20 FREE College Care Packages!  Boxes are stuffed with Snacks, Resources, Words of Encouragement and most important LOVE!

20 Packages


Feel free to use our GoFundMe link


Thanks for supporting The JCS Project and our continued efforts with encouraging College Students!


You can also donate to JCS via CashApp. 



Drop your Business Cards and/or Post Cards in our FREE College Care Packages all year long for only $10.

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The JCS Project is a tax-exempt 501C3

Tax ID: 47-3347117