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I'm sure no one can tell you about JCS better than our Graduates who have received Free College Care Packages!


University of Texas 
San Antonio

JCS has been a blessing to many college student including myself.  College is a time of sacrifice and conversation spending!  JCS helped to alleviate this burden for many students by providing care packages, gift cards, etc.  I will be forever grateful to JCS for their support during my 3.5 years of completing my Bachelors of Science degree in Microbiology and minor in African American Studies.  Thank you JCS Project!


Texas A&M

Thank you so much for sending me packages and encouraging me throughout these years. I honestly needed them and your support.

I really thank God for the JCS project!

                                   -JCS Ambassador


University of Texas
San Antonio

JCS is one of the best organizations I have been apart of since it started in 2014. Not only have I had the opportunity of receiving a FREE college care package as a student , I have also been able to bless other students by representing as the ambassador for UTSA. From being complete strangers to becoming a family, JCS not only has provided us with free care packages but also a LOVING support system to help us get through those tough times by praying for us, checking up on us through phone calls or texts and sending random little gifts. As a graduating senior, I am forever grateful for everything that JCS has done for me.

                                   -JCS Ambassador



I appreciate the free college care package.  Wanted to thank you again for the support throughout my school year.


Xavier University
of Louisiana

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the community organization known as the JCS Project. This non-profit organization impacts college students from all over the country. During our College Fair at the New Student Orientation, the JCS Project visited my beloved Xavier University of Louisiana. They dropped off 60 free college care packages filled with goodies such as snacks, wristbands, and encouraging words. The personalized packaging even shows that the JCS Project spends time to perfecting their craft. I am looking forward to working with them during my reign, and I am excited to spread the word about this amazing organization! 

                    -82 Miss Xavier University



The JCS Project is selfless to say the least. They work everyday and still make time to give back to College Students miles and miles away from home! These care packages are meaningful to many students because not everyone has support during their collegiate career. We look forward to seeing them each year. This project is inspiring!

                          -Dillard SGA President



I've been in college for 3 years now and I've never received a care package before until I encountered the JCS Project. They are not just giving out care packages, they are also giving out love and support. They didn't just limit themselves to their hometowns. These women are doing amazing work! I wish nothing but achievement and prosperity for their mission.



By providing free college care packages, The JCS Project has been a constant support to my higher education since I came to Dillard. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to receive their assistance! It has definitely benefited me in more ways than I can count!


Texas A&M University

Ever since I heard about the JCS Project, I had to figure out what the organization was about. After receiving my care package, I gained connections with a lot of people who were willing to help me through this long journey called college. Thanks to JCS, I even received a full scholarship to get my very own passport through Hardly Home! I greatly appreciate Ms. Tiffannie and the crew of The JCS project! 


Kentucky State

JCS Project has been such a blessing to so many HBCU students! They know exactly what we need and show up at just the right moment. Thank you for the support and services you afforded me throughout my undergraduate career!

 -89th Miss Kentucky State University


Grambling State

JCS helped me in many ways during my college years. They always came through with the “care packages”, motivational words & prayers! JCS is an AMAZING initiative that I will always support. Ms. Tiffannie is the best!!!

-65th Miss Grambling State University


Southern University
at New Orleans

I would like to thank the JCS Project for providing my college with the well needed resources; we normally wouldn’t get from others. To those in college the light at the end of the tunnel is near. It may seem difficult now but remember your why. Remember why you started college,why you pick that major, and why you picked that school. Keep striving for greatness and don’t let nothing get in your way.

                  -Alpha Phi Alpha President


Grambling State

Thank you JCS Project for being a bright light in a dark room for college students. Your care package gave me all the necessities to last me throughout the rest of the school year. Continue to be that bright light we all need in our dark times.


Alcorn State 

JCS and their care packages really helped me out while I was in college. They provided nourishment and really were personalized. I still use the package box to this day because it reminds me of such a great time in college. Thank you JCS for your altruism and your dedication to helping students succeed!

                                       -SGA President


University of Texas
San Antonio

I’m blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend college and make it this far ! I wouldn’t have been able to get through these 3 1/2 years without God, my family, friends , mentors, and the JCS Project ! Though the current circumstances are not in my favor right now due to the cancellation of my graduation I’m still optimistic and believe in this moment we are all infinite.



Huston Tillotson

Going off to college was very nerve wrecking. Being far away from home, surrounded by new people, and ultimately just feeling like a number. The truth meets you at the door: you don't matter in college, your money does. It took me so long to adjust to my new found reality.. but when my mom connected me to Ms. Tiffannie, a breath of fresh air would be exactly how I had to describe it. I had a reason to check my mail box! I had a reason to smile, and feel encouraged to be a game changer. I had a reason to be pumped for my day... a box full of food! And it's coming from a person who may not even know us all directly, but cares enough about our futures to invest in us. JCS has been a huge part of my life, and I'm grateful for it.

                                   -JCS Ambassador


Stephen F. Austin State

JCS has done so much for me! One thing that JCS has done for me was when SFA had a major power outage during finals week. Power had been out for hours, all of campus and part of Nacogdoches had been out of power. I went to Facebook making a post about being hungry and had to finish work. Next thing you know, Ms. Tiffannie texted me, checking on me. She said she was sending me a package that week. The next day, she called and said she was coming down to Nacogdoches to bring me some packages. That Saturday, the JCS first family came down and spent the day with me at school and brought packages. That's just one of the many times that JCS has blessed my life.

                                   -JCS Ambassador


Prairie View A&M 

The JCS Project has truly been a blessing. The times when it was too late to go eat at the cafe, I was too tired to cook or leave campus for food, the snacks & noodles came in handy. The fact that the care package is free just makes you appreciate it even more. That just shows how much passion and love a person has for the students. Along with the care package, Ms. Tiffannie Jones encourages her students to shoot for greater. She has connected me with the right people to succeed. JCS Students know without a doubt she has our back. I'm grateful for the JCS Project.

                                   -JCS Ambassador


Prairie View A&M

Going into college I was nervous but anxious to attack the year full force. I got in contact with Miss Tiffannie Jones through my best friend & also went to a College expo at my high school, DeKaney High School, and won a gift box full of goodies great for a college student like gift cards , inspiration notes, supplies, coins for laundry, hand sanitizer & other business cards full of other non-profit and small business contacts for the perfect college student needs. Not only is she a great aid to the college students, she also goes out of her way for all college students. Sacrificing so much time and love to make sure we have everything we need. She has brought comfort into my life knowing I have another person in my life rooting for me to succeed and purse as much as I can while in college and even after.

                                   -JCS Ambassador


Grambling State

The JCS project is something I wish I knew about sooner. Often times students are sent with nothing; so with a project like this those students are given hope that someone cares about them.



The JCS Project has literally been one of the biggest consistent blessings of my college experience thus far. I am currently a junior in college now and Ms.Tiffannie Jones has been supporting me and following me since I was still a senior in high school. She has been a mentor, a second mom, a friend and just someone I know that I can always come to and confide in. Her hard work with the JCS project definitely does not go unnoticed and deserves all of the recognition it can get.

                                   -JCS Ambassador



Prairie View 
A&M University Parent

I can’t do a short testimonial! Oh but I can tell how I met you and told you about my Son Jalon. How you began to follow him as he followed you. How you saw something in him a young black male on the track to success and you poured into to that! You pulled him in and he has not proven either of us wrong. He is one of your Ambassadors at the Prairie View A&M University!💜💛! Glory to his Name! Jesus!! Shouting at Work!!


Sam Houston State University &
Baylor University Parent

I am so thankful for JCS! Initially I heard of it through a friend and brought my college aged children to pick up care packages a few years ago. What we didn’t know when we picked up the care packages was that there was so much more to JCS than care packages. JCS offers a community of support and belonging for college kids. JCS doesn’t just provide packages—it’s truly a fellowship. It started off with care packages then my son was chosen as the Baylor Ambassador and was shown tremendous support in the form of a financial scholarships. JCS continues to find ways to support our kids even through these difficult times and manages to meet the needs of our kids who are still on campus during this COVID-19 Pandemic. I will always appreciate and support the work of Tiffannie Jones and the JCS project. 


University of Texas San Antonio & High School Senior Parent

I am grateful and honored for JCS. I met Tiffany through mutual family and friends. Our daughters played volleyball for Spring ISD and we would cheer for each team whenever we played against each other. She sent my son who was attending UTSA a care package and asked me to make sure he introduced himself and now she is doing that for my senior. Not only does she provide care packages but she has sent scholarship information to my senior as well. I proud to announce she is a finalist for one of them. She truly cares about the students. Her heart is pure as gold.


Louisiana State
University Parent

My daughter, Breanna Hooper, who is now a graduate of Louisiana State University was truly blessed by JCS. We learned about JCS from Daisha McGowen, who is now one of your ambassadors. Bre entered a JCS online contest and won. Her gift box was filled with gift cards, snacks, a pillow & other goodies any college student would greatly appreciate. Little did we know, this would not just be any contest entry, enter, win, give thanks & life goes on. JCS stayed in touch! Tiffannie has proven to truly care about the students associated with JCS. Although my daughter has graduated, for the past 2 years JCS has provided care packages for my mother's nonprofit, For His Glory Christian Alliance to be distributed to scholarship recipients chosen by the organization. JCS is the epitome of what giving back is all about.


Huston Tillotson University

JCS has certainly helped Earlyssa Cooper! From the scholarships to the prayer notes that were included in packages and opportunities to help others! We are forever a part of The JCS Project! In any way! 🤗


Texas Southern University &
Texas College Parent

The JCS Project has been nothing short of an entire blessing for both of my kids but especially my daughter. Wayyyy back (lol) when she attended college out of state her first year was a bit challenging. She was quiet and timid about approaching others. Needless to say she felt really lonely that is until she was chosen to pass out the JCS Care Packages to other Jackson State University and shared what the JCS Project was all about. Needless to say just those brief encounters helped to spark her confidence to interact with others without hesitation. Even once she transferred home and now attends Texas Southern she looks forward to when JCS comes to campus not just for the care packages but just so she can "see and chat with Ms Tiffannie" 😊

#ThankYouMsTiffannie #ThankYouJCS


Prairie View A&M University &
Texas Southern University Parent

I can't say enough what the JCS Project means to my family and I. The JCS Project initially was something we signed up for because I thought it would be a great morale booster while my sons were away at college. I mean what kids wouldn't like to receive a box of snacks....not to mention a FREE box of snacks. The JCS Project care packages were sometimes a way to stretch my son's groceries until I could send him more money to shop. As a single parent, that helped ME feel more comfortable that at least my son's were not missing any meals. As time progressed, Ms. Tiffannie and The JCS Project meant more to us than simply a free care package. They became a shoulder to lean on, a ear to vent to, and in my son's case another parental figure. I can honestly say that at one point Ms. Tiffannie and The JCS project, were instrumental in saving my son's life. The JCS Project will always have our support. Thank you so very much for filling in that gap in my son's and my lives.


Lamar University 

The JCS Project has help my daughters in so many ways. They received words of encouragement while away at school. They knew there was a community behind the boxes they received beach semester. When they came home and were able to participate in the college drive it gave them something to look forward too, it gave them volunteer hours with their favorite NPO and it encouraged them to stay connected. I love the founder of The JCS Project because not only does she send care packages, she truly cares and invests in each student she comes into contact with. They become adopted family to Tiffannie and she holds them in a high regard. I have witnessed the growth in the founder and organization over the years and I’m so grateful that she has a spirit of giving. Even when there’s so much more she can be doing with her resources and time. As a parent the uncertainty of sending our children off to college miles away comes with a mix of emotion but the support they receive from The JCS Project has been consistent and always on time. I appreciate your love, kindness, support, and generosity.

So to you, Ms. Jones we thank you for investing in our daughters, nieces and ALL The JCS Students. #Lamar #Spelman

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