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Lanai Whitaker

Simply Helping Foundation

The mission of Simply Helping Foundation is to provide nonmonetary support to college students living on campus. Items provided will be toiletries and school supplies.

Godiva Anderson

Paper Pencil Pen

Putting school supplies into the hands of students grades Pre-K to College during the school year.

D Blake Simon

The College Experience

The Transition Guide and Journal.  A simple tool for students to help maximize The College Experince.

Nicole Caldwell

Submit Your Assignments

Submit Your Assignments is a premium custom writing company structured towards helping a student with their papers or discussion questions.



Hardly Home

Our goal is to inspire our youth by engaging them through travel and study abroad opportunities.  Help sponsor 100 youth with 100 passports.




I pray through my books, academic advising, speaking and helping, I want to inspire everyone to reach their dreams.



Community Queens

To empower young QUEENS to obtain higher education as well as to provide a support system that enables them to succeed. 


Keculah Jr.

4.0 GPA

Growth, Productivity Accountability

Our mission is to provide all students with the opportunity to attend college and graduate within four years regardless of their socioeconomic background through mentorship.

Bryan Robertson

Eduvention Mentoring & Consulting LLC

Eduvention Mentoring & Consulting differentiates from any other mentoring organization by developing unique specialized curriculum that will provide students with every tool necessary to be successful in life.


Potter, Sr.

Developing Future Scholars

The DFS 12 Steps to College Success offers your family a progressive approach to achieve the ultimate goal of securing a professional position on or before graduation in the chosen field, with little or no student loan debt.

Martica Sherman

Trailblazers In Motion

Trailblazers In Motion assists college-bound students with their search for a college or university that best fits them as well as scholarship money.


As a young child that lost his Father to Gun Violence, I want to create CHANGE for my generation. NEGATIVITY no longer matters. It doesn't matter who you are, what mistakes you've made, because WE can make changes to get you back on the right path. TOGETHER, we can make changes to better our generation, our communities, our society....TOGETHER. If you have been a victim of loss, abuse, rape, depression, gun violence, etc, don’t let it destroy you. If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me. I will always listen, encourage,support and provide you with access to any resources I have.


De'Adryn Keno 

Call/Text 210-996-4079

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