Saturday, January 25, 2020

8AM - 11AM

Landry's Seafood in The Wodlands


Recent graduate from The Thurgood Marshall School of Law 

at Texas Southern University

As Seen On The Steve Harvey Show

The single mother of five children whose law school graduation photos with her kids went viral is a big step closer to achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer.

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Ieshia Champs viral photos were Photographed by 

Richard Holman Photography

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The JCS Ambassadors will be lead in by Drum Major


Chris is the Head Drum Major of 

The Texas Southern University Ocean of Soul.

This will be his second year leading the JCS Family, Ambassadors and Friends into our annual Scholarship Breakfast.

As an organization that encourages student to not only go to college but to finish we also make sure to recognize and award Chris with a scholarship as well!



A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

Congratulations on being chosen by Tiffannie Jones, The Founder of The JCS Project!

Check back to find out who our Ambassadors will be...

NOTE: All chosen students must complete the application process to be award their scholarship, recognized at the event and become apart of JCS. 

Prairie View A&M University


Texas Southern 



Sam Houston 

State University


University of 

North Texas





Stephen F. Austin University


Sam Houston 

State University


Florida A&M U



Texas A&M University



High School



High School 



Graduate Student






University of Texas 

San Antonio


Check out what our 2020 Ambassadors 

are saying about The JCS Project...

Mikaela - SHSU

As an Ambassador to JCS it will benefit me by being able to help college students that can’t afford snacks and school supplies become aware of the program. It will help me interact with those that want to make a difference in the community and give back. 

Jalon - PVAMU

JCS will help me to be able to reach out and aid my fellow students on my campus. This position will not only help my advancement but also the advancement of my peers. 

Mariah - TSU

As an ambassador, JCS will benefit by receiving more student awareness on the campus of Texas Southern University and for high school students entering college. For any JCS events being held on campus, it is my desire to help increase student attendance and participation. I currently share the benefits of JCS Project with my peers and I will continue to do just that as an ambassador!

Derrick - Baylor

It will allow me to grow as communicator in my interactions with people. Additionally, I will be able to spread the word to people who will benefit from the JCS Program. There are too many people who are in need of assistance, but simply can't get it.

Mia - Stephen F. Austin University

As an Ambassador I will be able to bring attention to the organization and it’s purpose through social media and my influence on campus. In pairing with JCS, I will be able to mentor and give guidance to graduating high school students and college freshman, which will benefit the youth that go through the organization. My influence on campus will also be beneficial for recruitment. 

LaDaja - Sam Houston State University

I believe JCS will benefit students because I will be able to bring awareness about this organization to my campus. I will be able to let JCS know what college kids are going through because sometimes they don’t need food (well college kids love the food) but sometimes they just need a reminder that they got this and that somebody in their corner. So me bringing different ideas to the table would benefit JCS.

Chandra - Prairie View A&M University

As an Ambassador, I would promote the organization's initiative to assist college students on obtaining care packages.  

Austin - Texas A&M University @ Kingsville

JSC is a great organization that not only provides great snacks but words of encouragement. Those care packages help me get through long nights of studying. Tiffannie is always offering encouraging words to college students to not just go to college but graduate. You can always reach her if you are having any kind of struggles, or just need someone to talk to. It's also a great way to network with other college students. 

Theory - University of North Texas

I's so excited to continue as an Ambassador for JCS.  I love what my mom is doing and I love that I can now share her vision around my campus.  I look forward to meeting the new ambassadors and new friends. 

Daisha - Florida A&M University

As an ambassador for JCS I will help continue the legacy and devotion of giving college students care packages. In addition, I will bring new and fun ideas for the care packages along with fundraising ideas. Being at FAMU, I have learned what college students really need, how to connect with my colleagues, and how to raise money fast. I would love to be granted this opportunity to help in anyway that I can. 

Shakalia - High School Senior

JCS benefits high school kids because it gives us a support group we know that while at college if we dont have money JCS will be there when we are down on our luck its a package of love and motivation that people care. 

Madison - High School Senior

As an Ambassador JCS will benefit by allowing me an opportunity to develop my leadership and communication skills while on campus. As an Ambassador I would be responsible for creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with the students and staff on campus to promote JCS. By providing direct contact for prospective students and sharing my experience with JCS. I will be able to talk first hand about my college experience and how JCS helped by providing care packages and support throughout my senior year of high school. 

Brea - Dillard University

As an Ambassador for JCS I will do my very best to promote this amazing organization and encourage my peers to join. I will strive to carry myself in a way that is inspiring to others to showcase what JCS is truly about and really advertise our values. Giving back is at the root of this organization so I strive to carry on the legacy.

Daleshana - University of Texas at San Antonio

As an ambassador of my University, I have knowledge in knowing what the role of an ambassador is and the importance of representation! Due to my involvement; on campus, I have a relationship with my campus community, through this relationship I will be able to spread the word about JCS. Before being picked as an ambassador I often told students about JCS and encouraged them to sign up for it as well! I've kept up with JCS since my Senior year of high school to my now Senior year in college and I have seen the impact that JCS has had on campus communities and local communities! As an ambassador JCS will benefit from my commitment, ideas, and representation.